Lawn repair


Several causes may partially kill your lawn such as:

The presence of ice for a long time



Pest insects

Poor drainage

Short mowing height

Lack of water during periods of high heat

Continued lack of sunshine

To fix dead spots in lawns, many individuals simply add seed and cover it with a "garden soil" bought from a garden centre.

To succeed this repair, one must first know the cause of lawn kill and try to find the appropriate solution. Otherwise, repair will not last if the cause of kill is not solved. After knowing and solving the cause of kill, proceed as follows (with all proper reserves to special cases):

- Work the soil in early spring or towards the second half of August

- Remove thatch if present

- Add a starter fertilizer

- Lime if needed

- Seed

- Rake to cover the seed a few mm with the existing soil

- Level the ground

- Never add a different soil such a "garden soil"

- Irrigate to soak 3 cm if no rain is in the forecast

- Keep the soil moist during heat to avoid seedling kill

– Keep traffic off seeded spots unless for mowing or irrigation