Lawn mowing


Regular lawn mowing at normal height is of great importance to maintain its foliage density and beauty. Unfortunately, some wait too long and mow too short. In this case, lawn is weakened by loss of foliage density and weed invasion. It is wrong to think that mowing too short eliminates lawn weeds.

Mow at a height of 7 cm, i.e. the height of the foliage after mowing will be 7 cm. This also applies to the last mowing of the year. Do not mow during frost. Do not mow during heat extremes especially after rain to reduce disease infection. Do not mow during warm and humid evenings because mowing is a foliage cut where pathogens may enter and cause disease.

Mowing frequency depends upon the strength of growth. In general, the frequency is weekly in spring and autumn but less frequently in the summer. Change the mowing direction from time to time whenever possible to reduce soil compaction.

Do not collect the clippings to return nutrients to your lawn unless it contains weeds. In this case, remove weeds before mowing in order not to increase the weed area in your lawn.

Sharpen the mower blades to avoid tearing the leaves. A poor foliage cut dries quickly after mowing and can be infected by diseases.