Lawn dethatching


Thatch is an organic matter that is found between the soil and lawn surface. This organic matter usually decomposes by the effects of air, water, and beneficial soil microbes.

Cases where thatch decomposition slows down such as:

Soil microbes are not active

Lack of soil air

Mowing is very high and infrequent

Soil is acid

Dethatch if your lawn thatch is more than 12 mm thick because thick thatch:

 Reduces water infiltration into the soil

 Dries out root mass and turns the lawn yellow in the summer

 Increases lawn diseases

 Decreases lawn tolerance to cold and heat

 Reduces soil air

 Reduces lawn nutrition

Dethatching substantially improves lawn growth in the sense that your lawn becomes more beautiful, requires less water, becomes dense in a healthy environment with less weed invasion.