Injection fertilization



Trees, shrubs and hedges


Some believe that trees, shrubs and hedges do not need any fertilization. This is not true if you want to be surrounded by a beautiful landscaping.

Fertilizing trees, shrubs and hedges is essential because nutrients that plants need are not found in sufficient quantities and in balanced amounts in the soil to produce healthy plants.

Fertilization of trees, shrubs and hedges is to provide nutrients as required by soil and plant. In addition, a natural organic fertilization reduces pollution and enhances the biological life that is beneficial to the soil.

Fertilization helps trees, shrubs and hedges to endure stresses from heat, cold and drought while minimizing their infection by diseases and invasion by insects of expensive treatments. Also, when you see a disease or insect, the plant is already affected and probably will be affected for years to come while infecting other plants nearby. Preventing pests through good management is the best solution.

Fertilization produces trees, shrubs and hedges stronger holding leaves for a longer period of time during the growing season.

Fertilization improves the shape of branches and foliage various colours.