Hairy chinch bugs in lawns


Hairy chinch bug is an above-ground lawn insect. The adult size is approximately half a cm that hibernate near hedges. With spring warming, the female lays eggs in the tiller around the end of May and beginning of June.

Hatching eggs give nymphs that feed by piercing and sucking juice of the tiller that will decline more and more with summer heat . Damage becomes apparent at the end of July.

Nymphs become adults in autumn then hibernate close to hedges.  Irrigate lawn during periods of high heatas as a partial solution to reduce the devastation of this insect.

To verify the presence of hairy chinch bugs in your lawn, remove two covers from a can, place it close to the yellow patches that are presumably caused by the presence of hairy chinch bugs, and fill it with soapy water. Wait for a few minutes. If yellowing is caused by hairy chinch bugs, they raise to water surface.